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Pricing and Costs

Most pressurized leaks under slab can be pinpointed and fixed for under $2000

If someone quotes you higher than this, call me

If they ask for cash upfront, call me

If they cannot find their own leaks, call me

If they quote you more than $275 for a leak locate, call me

If your plumber has a private jet you are paying for, call me

Pinpointing a leak is a complex process. I have 16 years experience and still learn new techniques when possible. Most companies call in a separate locator. This not only delays the time in which a repair could be taking place, but often results in a higher price for you. In addition, it requires multiple appointments and a waste of your time. It also limits repair options. When the techs show up and only sees an X on the floor with no other knowledge of the layout, your options and wallet will suffer. Many times we can reroute or sleeve the line and save your flooring in the process. This is because I can trace the lines from point A to B underground.

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