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Slab Leak Oklahoma City, Edmond, Warr Acres, Bethany, Moore
We are Oklahoma City's slab leak specialist, responding to your crisis in hours, not days.

Oklahoma City Slab Leak Repair
Slab Leak OKC, Edmond

Slab Leaks

Holes in water pipes and cast iron drain lines under a home's foundation can be tricky to diagnose and nearly impossible to locate without the right equipment and experience. Here Are some common symptoms.

  • Unusually high water bill
  • Unusually high gas or electric (depending on type of water heater)
  • The sound of water running when nothing is in use
  • Low water pressure or lack of hot water
  • Wet carpet or water coming up through foundation
  • Water in air ducts or registers
  • Wet spot in the yard
  • Meter flow indicator is turning
  • Sewer smell in air ducts
  • Water coming up after doing laundry

Sound Familiar? We can help. 

Why Our Prices Are Lower

The Pipe Down approach to Slab Leaks in Oklahoma City is a unique one.We are the only slab leak specific company in the city. It is also the reason we are the best. I am a General Contractor who utilizes my four camera systems, line tracing

equipment, acoustic detection equipment and thermal imaging to pinpoint your leak in either your freshwater or drain lines. Slab leaks are a major home repair and projects that I love to oversee. At first glance, a leak under your home's foundation seems a clear cut plumbing issue. However, if you have ever had one, you know that getting it fixed and your house back in order takes many steps. The vast majority of a slab leak repair consists of pinpointing the leak and finding the least destructive way to expose the pipe and repair your concrete slab and other affected materials or rerouting the pipe. The plumbing is actually the smallest part of the entire process. In fact, I do not even charge my customers for the pipe repair portion if they do an insurance claim because it is such a minimal part of the full repair.

We do not have to stock toilets, water heaters or pay ten guys to drive around in stocked trucks to fix faucets. This keeps our overhead and your prices low. This is why my general contracting approach is far superior. We work with insurance companies daily and know how to get you the coverage you deserve!  


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